Grace Lutheran Middle School

Experiencing Academia

Our middle school curriculum is top notch in promoting a balance between technology, research, teamwork, creativity, and traditional learning methods. 

Elective Classes

We love to give our middle school students the electives they want. Drama, choir, yoga, movie makings, strategy games, student government, and home economics are to name a few. 


Our students often partner with younger grades for reading & prayer partners. They spend time in service to the community peers & individually in their 8th grade making a difference project. 


GO ROYALS! We offer a variety of sports opportunities for our students: soccer, basketball, golf, and volleyball.

Extra Curricular

We support student's academic dreams as well. Through opportunities like Bible Quizzers & Math Counts, we send students off to compete throughout the Northwest. 


We send our students all over to explore, learn and grow together. Join us as we head to Portland, Boise, Salt Lake City, Lagoon, and Washington D.C.