Grace Lutheran High School Activities

What kind of activity opportunities does GLHS offer?

Grace Lutheran High School is proud to offer an abundance of extra curricular activities ranging from service opportunities and student government to the arts and adventure trips. Check out some of what Grace students is up to below!



Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors is Grace Lutheran High School's student government. They represent GLHS to the community, lead their class in service, and plan events. These select student learn to market their best-selves to become successful leaders. Questions? Email the Student Ambassadors adviosor,  Mrs. Sarah Gomez |



Service to our Community

GLHS believes that education extends outside the classroom and includes learning to be a citizen. With a number of servant even options throughout the year, Grace students learn the benefits of making an impact on their community. Interested in hearing how Grace students serve? Email Raeanne Buerstatte |






Music & Theater

GLHS is pleased to have teachers who love the arts. Grace is blessed to have teachers who are educated in classical and contemporary music and have training in theater. Their passion for the arts extends beyond the classroom, into their personal lives and made available for students. From music lessons to drama, Grace students the discipline of the arts at their fingertips. For information on GLHS Theater email Mrs. Sarah Gomez | For information on music opportunites email Mr. Aaron Hayes |



Adventure Trips

Grace Lutheran High School wants to impact your students life with opportunities that are not always present in a classroom. This year, GLHS has done this by kicking the year off with a retreat in the mountains off the South Fork of the Snake River. We've sent students to science festivals and theater performances at Idaho State University. Grace also took their physical education class rock climbing and hiking. GLHS takes what is available to them in South East Idaho and uses it to educate, bond with, and enjoy time with our students. Find out more! Email Raeanne Buerstatte |